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If a disease, illness or trauma has caused you to lose teeth, don’t worry. Dr. A Heidari and the skilled dental team here at Serenity Dental San Jose can help you restore your smile with a complete or partial denture. When dental implants, porcelain crowns and bridges are not an option, dentures are the preferred tooth replacement, as they can be removed for regular cleaning.

Dentures come in two varieties: conventional and immediate. Dr. Heidari will go over the pros and cons of both types so that you can reach a conclusion about which option is right for you.

After you make your denture decision, Dr. Heidari makes an impression of your mouth and uses it to create an accurate working model. These models allow our team to craft dentures that will perfectly fit your needs, while matching in color and shape so that they don’t stand out from your natural teeth.

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Dental Implant Retained Dentures

In some situations, we may use dental implants to help stabilize the lower denture. The upper denture will be held in place by suction, but the lower denture may occasionally come dislodged, which makes it difficult to speak and chew. Implants typically resolve this problem.

Lower partial dentures are typically used for replacing any absent teeth if you still have other natural teeth present. This also allows you to regain balance in your bite, which helps your chewing and ensures that teeth will not shift into empty spaces.

While nobody ever wants to lose their teeth, dentures and partial dentures can be a solution if you have lost your teeth due to infection or trauma. Learn more about our dentures and partials by calling our San Jose dentistry office at (408) 999-0444 or send an email to

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