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We Can Save Your Damaged or Infected Tooth With a Root Canal

Here at Serenity Dental San Jose, our first priority before we even consider tooth removal is always to repair the damage that has been done to the tooth, and root canals are one way to accomplish this.

The nerve and pulp of a tooth, located at its very center, make up the root canal. This location can become infected if there are cracks in the teeth or deep decay, or if a person has had too many dental procedures on one particular tooth.  If symptoms are left untreated, the tissue around the tooth could quickly become infected as an abscess forms around the area.

Root Canal San Jose

The Procedure

In a root canal procedure, Dr. Heidari removes the nerve and pulp, and then cleans and seals the inside of the affected tooth.  The nerve of the tooth is not important to its health as long as the tooth has already broken the gum line — it simply provides hot and cold sensations. Your chewing will not be affected after a root canal.

For most patients, there is only minor discomfort after the root canal process which can be managed with over-the-counter medications. If the pain is more considerable, Dr. Heidari will prescribe a stronger painkiller for the period of time right after the procedure until the inflammation subsides.


If you have significant tooth pain, let us help you! Call us today to schedule your root canal or to learn more about the process. Our office number is (408) 999-0444. You can also email our San Jose dental office at

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