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If you or someone you're sleeping close to snores, then it’s likely that it is causing a lot of distress and interruption of what should be a restful night's sleep.  The disrupted sleep can cause fatigue throughout the day which can affect focus and production.   With that, it has been determined that people who snore can be at a higher risk of heart disease.

Snoring is not a disease in itself so there are no cures for it, but there are various ways of managing the problem.  On the top of our list of solutions to snoring are snore guards, also known as snoring mouth guards.

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Which of These Applies to You?

  • I snore loudly
  • I often feel tired or fatigued during the daytime
  • Choking or gasping while I sleep
  • Someone has observed that my breathing has stopped during sleeping
  • I have morning headaches
  • I have difficulty concentrating
  • Moodiness & Irritability

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    A Custom Snore Guard Is Our Solution

    Although snore guards are available over the counter, our custom snore guards are more comfortable and effective.

    A snore guard works by holding your tongue in a better position while you sleep, which in turn keeps your airways open. During your consultation, Dr. Heidari will determine the primary cause of your snoring disorder and will then customize a device to be the most effective solution to remedy your snoring issues.

    Snore Guard

    If you are waking up tired, suddenly awaken by your own snoring, or experiencing headaches and fatigue, we can help.  We encourage you to contact Serenity Dental San Jose at or (408) 999-0444. We look forward to helping you resolve your snoring issues.

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