Composite White Tooth Colored Fillings In San Jose, CA

We'll Replace Your Old Metal Fillings

In years past, tooth fillings were commonly performed with silver amalgams that stand out in your mouth. Today, many fillings are made from plastics called composite resins that blend in with the color of your teeth much better. Additionally, this type of material is extremely durable, giving you the gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Dr. Heidari matches the composite white filling as closely as possible to the color of your teeth. This is particularly beneficial if you have fillings in your teeth that are much more visible.

Composite White Tooth Colored Fillings San Jose

The Healthier Alternative

These white fillings, like your amalgam fillings, fix teeth that have been damaged or decayed. The processes are also the same as amalgam fillings. The space where the filling goes gets cleaned out, with medication used to eliminate any discomfort that arises. The big difference is that once the filling is placed and the shape of your tooth is restored, it will look much more natural in your mouth.


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